1. Tyrone Biggums @ Tyrone Biggums:
    ttt, freee xp to first person that joins
  2. Alexa @ Alexa:
  3. Walter @ Walter:
    Alexa, your first mistake was hoping for the right thing to be done.
  4. Alexa @ Alexa:
    i hope he requested
  5. Alexa @ Alexa:
    removing high quality content is fucked up
  6. Crazy @ Crazy:
    Wasn't me
  7. J @ Jameson THE Savage:
    Whoever deleted thruman's pedo hunter meme can suck a dick
  8. Alexa @ Alexa:
    Why the fuck were @thrumans memes moved to trash
  9. Nexus @ Nexus:
    i wish some of you useless admins would join TTT and control shit
  10. fonzie @ fonzie:
  11. T @ thruman: such a loser.
  12. fonzie @ fonzie:
    @blake_won I'll have my Verbal Jousting Champion badge now please, tanks
  13. fonzie @ fonzie:
  14. fonzie @ fonzie:
    E T H E R E D
  15. dominic @ dominic:
    goodnight all except @trueyboy 🤐 take it from here Blake 😘😘😘😍😎😎
  16. T @ thruman:
    Fonzie tell your pawn he's almost there. It's not connon, or conmon, or common. Simply come on. Help him dude.
  17. fonzie @ fonzie:
    your parents must have pure struck you as a newborn you ding-dong diddly simp!
  18. fonzie @ fonzie:
  19. dominic @ dominic:
    comon kiddo be original for once man conmon kiddo
  20. fonzie @ fonzie:
    what is this pawn stars? this my son fat fuck (thruman)
  21. dominic @ dominic:
    u r all pawns like in chess check my post about it
  22. T @ thruman:
    Your other pawn is just lost youth.
  23. dominic @ dominic:
    I hope you think I’m cute kiddo ur 27 which is still young enough to be my little trans princess kiddo do it for daddy I’ll treat you right :)))
  24. T @ thruman:
    Fonzie you're a "teacher." Please help one of your pawns with his spelling, grammar, and overall common sense.
  25. fonzie @ fonzie:
    so then Urkel decided to send the thruman bot to the interview instead of going himself.
  26. dominic @ dominic:
    @thruman just make your father proud kiddo do it for him kiddo connon old sport connon
  27. T @ thruman:
    Fonzie tell them I think they're cute as fuck!
  28. nova @ nova:
    hes shorting out!
  29. T @ thruman:
    Please help the disabled child.
  30. fonzie @ fonzie:
    @dominic, i think he busted a microchip!
  31. dominic @ dominic:
    just be a man for once @thruman make your father proud kiddo
  32. T @ thruman:
    Fonzie your spawn...sorry pawn speaks of trying to hard, as he wants to FaceTime me, write on my profile, type in all caps, suck his dick, etc.
  33. dominic @ dominic:
    take the break kiddo go out and smoke a dart be a man kiddo
  34. dominic @ dominic:
    you’re trying to hard now take a break kiddo
  35. T @ thruman:
    Fonzie so this is what three bitches look like during pride month? Not impressed. Work on it.
  36. T @ thruman:
  37. T @ thruman:
    I swear Mr. and Mrs. Johnson it was an honest mistake. I was helping Timmy with his homework and one thing led to another. It won't happen again,
  38. dominic @ dominic:
    when I get back from LebanonTM I hope your prettyboy lookin right juicy sweaty ass will FaceTime me I just hope
  39. fonzie @ fonzie:
    i think he's upset :rolleyes:
  40. dominic @ dominic:
  41. fonzie @ fonzie:
    you forgot to make yourselves the queenies
  42. nova @ nova:
    hope u got good dsl
  43. T @ thruman:
    @fonzie I made you something. A gift.
  44. Walter @ Walter:
  45. dominic @ dominic:
    we are just pawns 😓😓😥😥😢😢😩😩😪😪😭😭🤒🤒🤐🤐😑😑
  46. fonzie @ fonzie:
    based @nova working these chuds into a frothing foaming SEEEEEEEEETHE
  47. dominic @ dominic:
  48. dominic @ dominic:
    only one that’s not larping is the trunen
  49. dominic @ dominic:
  50. Walter @ Walter:
    y havnt w3 all b33n mUtEd wTffF??!?!

The Hunger Games Event!


Hello GirlGam3rs,

It is the time to have another event. We are going to do Hunger Games battle this time! Bring your weapon and read the information then jump in and fight to survive!

Time & Date :
Saturday, 22nd June, at 1:00 pm EST.

Prize :
(For each match)

[COLOR=rgb(147, 101...

Personal Information

As some of you are aware, two days ago, a troll leaked a server administrator's location in one of our servers. We spent a considerable amount of time since to track down the source of the IP leak.

We have good reason to believe @Levinurion used his privileges in the LgKCommunity forum to leak the IP address of that particular administrator. We talked to him hoping we can work together to ensure this does not occur again, but he denied any involvement and claimed to have no access to IP addresses. A claim which we later verified was false. Not to mention the lack of...

Boxing Tournament Event


Hello GirlGam3rs,

It's the time for another event! It will by the last event in EST time. So get your gloves and lllllllllllllet's get ready to rumbleeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Time & Date :
2nd June. 6:00 pm EST

Prizes :

First place : 4000 JB Gold and...

GirlGam3rs Soccer Tournament Event ! [Jailbreak]

copied from my last soccer event.

Welcome to the Jailbreak Soccer 2vs2 event, get a partner and fight to win good prizes and the first GirlGam3rs Soccer Cup!


Where : Jailbreak Server [jb_snow]
When : Saturday 25th May. 5:00 pm EST...
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