TraitorsThey appear as Innocents to everyone else and must attempt to discreetly eliminate all the Innocents.
InnocentsThey outnumber the Traitors and their main task is to survive. This means finding out the Traitors among them and killing them before they get the chance to strike. Their main tool is knowledge. Who is acting strange all of a sudden? Who can be linked to the evidence found on corpses? Anyone can be a traitor and everyone is looking suspicious, it's not as simple as it looks.
DetectivesThey are Innocents and a high profile target to Traitors due to their ability to get incriminating DNA evidence directly from corpses. Detectives have access to more tools than their Innocents counterparts.
All players including dead players appear alive in the scoreboard until their corpses are identified.

As a Traitor hide dead bodies! Corpses may contain information that leads to the killer.
Open the Equipment Store by pressing (radio3) "C".

Community Rules
1. Defamation with no proof, or harassment of players including use of offensive names is prohibited. GirlGam3rs advocates freedom of speech, but keep in mind people do not want to be harassed or to be uncomfortable.
2. Impersonating staff or players including alternate spellings is prohibited.
3. acros and hacks are prohibited. Using scripts is up to staff discretion to determine if the script in question is detrimental to the game play.
  • Script: A bind set up in game to allow usage of multiple in game commands (e.g Buying a deagle with full ammo pressing just one key).
  • Macro: A bind using an application to imitate keys. Holding a single key that executes preset instructions. (e.g Using a razer mouse along with razer synapse macros to bind a key to imitate g strafing or bunny hopping).
  • Hack: Any assistance given to the player outside the game, usually in the form of an executable.
4. Abnormal speed is prohibited, whether it is gained by g-strafing, double ducking, bunny hopping, using high FPS or any other key commands. This does not include normal bunny hop speed. Staff will warn players to stop if they deem their speed as abnormal.
5. English only. This extends to both voice communication and chat.


Random DeathmatchKilling or injuring players intentionally or accidentally.
Kill on SightA term used to infer a player is a traitor and can be killed on sight.
  • Traitors are not permitted to call KOS or use the term in any manner.
  • An invalid KOS counts as RDM by the player that called the KOS, not by the person who followed through with it.
CampingDelaying or not attempting to do objective. No warnings have to be issued if a player is camping or delaying after 1:00..
  • Innocents/Detectives: Must be actively looking for clues to find the traitors and to survive without camping.
  • Traitors: Must be actively seeking to kill all innocents and detectives without blowing their cover.
Valid NameIt must be easy to read and pronounce player names! Players must be able to say your name.
  • Player names must contain a proper noun.
  • Player names must not interfere with gameplay [e.g. Having a name that is too similar to another, a name like "KOS ", etc.]
  • Player names must not be a sentence or statement. MUST be an actual name tag.
Traitor BaitingBehaving like a traitor or performing traitorous acts.
Traitor TestingTesting a player using a traitor tester.
Block commandAsking a player that is blocking you to the point where you can not move, or if the room has no other exit to stop blocking you.
  • Exception: Player A is blocking, but is being blocked by player B, you may not kill player A.
  • You must first attempt to push the player out of the way.
  • A countdown from 5-0 must be issued.
ID commandAsking a player to Identifying the body of a player they killed. A countdown from 5-0 must be issued.
General Rules
1. No RDM. You must have valid proof to attack other players.
2. No traitor baiting.
3. No trucing. Traitors are not permitted to truce with non-traitors.
4. No ghosting. Communicating with dead people via steam chat, skype, ts3, etc
5. Traitors are not permitted to give out the identity of other traitors.
6. No walling. Exception #1: Traitors walling innocents and detectives. Exception #2: Walling traitor rooms. Exception #3: Detectives using a truthgun.
7. Players must leave spawn by the time roles are initiated on maps that require you to parachute down.
8. False reports are not allowed if it does not have a legitimate reason to be reported [e.g. RDM, False KOS, etc].
9. Usage of terms similar to KOS/kill on sight to mislead players is prohibited.

Valid Proof [Reasons to Kill]
1. Seeing a player damage another for no valid reason.
2. Seeing a player shooting near you, whether attempting to kill you or scare you.
3. Seeing a player shoot a detective or seeing a detective shoot a player. Exception: Truth gun.
4. Observing the Killing of an innocent or a detective.
5. Seeing a player with/using a traitor weapon or with empty hands.
6. Seeing a player destroy a health station.
7. Seeing a player push another off of any height that kills the other player, or pushes them off the boundaries of the map.
8. Seeing a player enter a traitor room or teleport out of it.
9. Seeing a player throw an unidentified body off the map.
10. Identifying a traitor in a traitor tester.
11. A player is one of two players alive.
12. A player is the only non proven player.
13. A player is traitor baiting.
14. Failing to follow detective orders, ID command or Block command. Enough time must be given to the player to complete the order/command.
15. Witnessing a player carrying more than one primary weapon. [Example: You witness a player carry an M4 and an AUG at the same time.]

* Detectives are an exception to all the rules above as they are always proven innocents.

Suspicious behavior [You can not kill for the following]
1. Refusing commands not listed under valid proof.
2. Hearing a player kill another.
3. Seeing a player fall from a great or otherwise height without taking damage. Assuming said player has no fall boots.
4. Seeing a player standing by or near a KOSd player.
5. Seeing a player with the same weapon another player was killed with.
6. Not responding to an alive check
7. Following other players, even when you are asked to stop. Exception: Detective orders.
8. Seeing a player walk directly past an unidentified body without identifying it.
9. Seeing a player near a traitor button, or looking towards it when it is used.
10. Pushing detectives or innocents on solid ground
11. Witnessing a player doing a traitors act but losing sight before identifying their name.
12. Seeing a player shoot without seeing what they are shooting at.
13. Witnessing a player pick up a traitor weapon but not take it out.
14. Anything else not listed in Valid Proof.
15. Witnessing a player plant a corpse explosives.

Detective's Orders
1. Detectives can order players to do things like test, drop their guns, stop following them.
2. Detectives must address the person by stating their name.
3. Detectives are not permitted to give mass orders. Detectives may only order up to 5 players at one time.
4. Once the detective counts to 5 (slowly) out loud, they can shoot and kill the player who is breaking their orders.
5. Detectives cannot order players to kill other players, commit suicide, break the tester, or anything that would make them KOSable. Exception: Ordering players to go into a traitor tester.
6. Detectives cannot call orders that would restrain players for prolonged periods of time. A command such as drop your weapons ends when the player drops their weapons, and extending the period is considered prolonging the command. [E.g Drop your weapon and do not pick it back up. Leave the room/area and do not come back in. Freeze and stay frozen]
7. Detectives cannot give orders that the player can not fully complete. E.g "Give me your weapons". Players have no way of giving their weapons to a specific person, they can only drop them using the "drop" key.

1. Every player has a Karma value. It starts at 1000, and goes down on RDM. The less karma the less damage a player does. Karma under 750 leads to an automatic ban.
2. 5 karma is gained every round.