Rules | USPNinjas

Original: USPs only with limited clip. Counter Terrorists must eliminate the Terrorists or escape with the VIP.

Assault Ninjas: USP + TMP. Eliminate the opposing team or complete the map objective.

Retakes: Terrorists spawn near the bombsite with the bomb planted. Counter Terrorists attempt to retake the site to defuse the bomb.

Team 1 v 1 Arenas: All players play simultaneously in one versus one arenas. Kill to advance to the next arena. The surviving team wins.

  1. Defamation with no proof, or harassment of players including use of offensive names is prohibited. GirlGam3rs advocates freedom of speech, but keep in mind people do not want to be harassed or to be uncomfortable.
  2. Impersonating staff or players including alternate spellings is prohibited.
  3. Macros and hacks are prohibited. Using scripts is up to staff discretion to determine if the script in question is detrimental to the game play.
    • Script: A bind set up in game to allow usage of multiple in game commands (e.g Buying a deagle with full ammo pressing just one key).
    • Macro: A bind using an application to imitate keys. Holding a single key that executes preset instructions. (e.g Using a razer mouse along with razer synapse macros to bind a key to imitate g strafing or bunny hopping).
    • Hack: Any assistance given to the player outside the game, usually in the form of an executable.
  4. Abnormal speed is prohibited, whether it is gained by g-strafing, double ducking, bunny hopping, using high FPS or any other key commands. This does not include normal bunny hop speed. Staff will warn players to stop if they deem their speed as abnormal.