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  1. elzar

    Super Bowl predictions

    Make your prediction for tomorrow’s Super Bowl here. Make your pick for final score and winner. The person who picks the winner and score closest to actual final will get a prize. Mine: 49ers 34, chiefs 17
  2. elzar

    New Jailbreak SM

    In an event as monumental as Donald Trump ordering the assassination of that Iranian general without congressional approval or without notifying allies, the Girl Gam3rs have appointed @♛ HyUna_BeaSt (tags aren't working?) as the new Server Manager of our flagship server: Jailbreak. Please...
  3. elzar

    You hate to see it

    The powers that be have decided to run Google AdSense on our forums. We have always been a Capitalist democratic community, and this is your opportunity to help the owners line their pockets (laughing all the way to the bank) without donating. All we ask is that you disable your ad blocker when...
  4. elzar

    Poll: CSGO Server

    There have been alot of people talking about wanting a CSGO server so I think it's a good time to start a poll to see what people would like! Vote in the poll to voice your opinion :elzar: You love to see it
  5. elzar

    GGotM For Basically Summer 2k19

    Congratulations to our winner, @MrWiggles !!!!! It was a very close race, with @Zixler and @nova narrowly being edged out. Mr. Wig has made great contributions to the community over these past couple months or so with Rust and just general forum and server presence. GG staff please award this...
  6. elzar

    POLL: GirlGam3r of the Month August 2019

    Hello Everyone Thanks to the powers that be, I am posting the poll (as promised) for GGoTM This poll will run until 3 September, at which point the winner will be crowned. Good luck to all nominees! *1 vote per person*
  7. elzar

    GirlGam3r of the Month Nominations [August 2019]

    - Image Credit - @Walter Format Credit - @thelongestnameyoucanthave This is not a drill. I have been summoned by divine powers to revive the Girl Gam3r of the month award. Sorry I never finished March; this time will be different. I am opening the nominations now, the winner will be crowned...
  8. elzar

    What do GirlGam3rs Look Like?

    Found a pic of @Jonathann
  9. elzar

    TTT [Admin Application] [Elzar]

    In-Game Name: [veteran] elzar Steam Name: you stole fizzy lifting drinks Steam ID: Redacted Time Zone: PST Recommendation: N/A Past Admins (Any other servers in which you've been Admin before): Yes. JB and TTT. Experience with AMX?: Yes. In a few sentences or more, explain what you would...
  10. elzar

    Pooping on Indian beaches

    Care to explain East Asians of GG?
  11. elzar

    Let's put a 400% tariff on Vietnamese steel

    Anyone that celebrates this disgusting country can consider themselves an enemy of the GGIA
  12. elzar

    4th of July

    Hey 👋you hot 🔥⭐️ piece of American 🇺🇸 ass 🍑! Today 🌞 is the fourth 4️⃣ of July ⭐️ also known as 💭 Independence Day! 1776 🙈 years ago, America 💙❤️💙 was ruled 👸🏼 by King George Washington 🍆👴🏼 from the country 🇹🇷 Europe 😱😖. Thank goodness 🙏 Daddy Sam 🍆👨🏻🇺🇸 and Barrack Obama 🍆👦🏾 won our freedom 🙌...
  13. elzar

    Jailbreak [NonSteam] | Whitelist Information

    Great system @Zixler
  14. elzar

    GGOTM March 2019 Nominations

    - Image Credit - @Walter Format Credit - @thelongestnameyoucanthave I am opening this thread to nominate girl gamers of the month for March of 2019. Go ahead and nominate and someone who isn't unemployed can edit this post for a poll. Thank you all for your time. After the nominations are...
  15. elzar

    Forum GGOTM December 2018 Nominations

    - Image Credit - @Walter Format Credit - @thelongestnameyoucanthave The month is almost over and we need a new gamer girl of the month. Here we will nominate, then maybe “they” can add a poll for a vote. After the nominations are collected (2 nominations maximum per person) - In a week from...
  16. elzar

    Forum New Forum Badge Idea

    Badge for the Runner up in the GGOTM contest. Maybe even one for the winner as well. Thank you for your time.
  17. elzar

    Power ranking the historical Girl Gam3r events

    @SenorMexicano made a similar thread a while ago, but it was just a chronology of major Girl Gam3r developments. Here I plan to rank the greatest events in GG and analyze them. 1. Albo and the creation of USP ninjas The creation of USP ninjas is probably the most significant happening in the...
  18. elzar

    Great bathroom appliances

    So what’s the best one you have used? I prefer Toto, but I don’t discriminate usually