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  1. fonzie

    Here’s What Happened

    Jameson THE Pedo lmao
  2. fonzie

    Here’s What Happened

    Thanks for the update Blake Brandon Donna Edwards Algino of the House KFC, First of His Name, the Un-sexed, King of the Damsels and the 19 year old sisters, Khaleesi of the Great GG, Breaker of Blacklists, and Mother of Midgets.
  3. fonzie

    Meme Central© [Hosted by @Crooked]

    sadly our beloved @HyUna_BeaSt ❄ was sucked into a time warp and is struggling to find his way back home...
  4. fonzie

    Jailbreak JB Night: February 23, 2020

    pizza jobs general? my pizza girl is moving to a different store tomorrow :cry::cry::cry:
  5. fonzie

    MMA Thread

    if i recall correctly you said you would resign as HA if @Crazy banned @nobody then went back on your word. a man without his word, is a cockroach. #populateorvacate
  6. fonzie

    Jailbreak JB Night: February 23, 2020

  7. fonzie

    What Music Do You Listen To

  8. fonzie

    MMA Thread

    THE Official UFC Fight Night | Felder vs Hooker predictions! Hooker Crute Xiaonan De Lima Mustafaev Tukhugov *BONUS* Wilder > Fury
  9. fonzie

    that wasnt very agency of you

    that wasnt very agency of you
  10. fonzie

    Lethal's Cooking Thread

    Nah hes too ugly to show a picture of himself, only of others.
  11. fonzie

    The Banning of blake_won

    you don't know my name
  12. fonzie

    Minecraft New Server Manager

    4 ranks 4 1/32 get your mind right schlep
  13. fonzie

    Minecraft New Server Manager

    another pezzonovante
  14. fonzie

    you a BITCH nigga i run this shit!

    you a BITCH nigga i run this shit!
  15. fonzie

    Forum [Dislike Abuse Report][caitlynnuwu]

    Defendant's In Game Name: @caitlynnnuwu Defendant's SteamID: doesn't matter Reason(s) why they should be punished: this person is scurrying through my posts and disliking them for no reason. I advise the powers that be to remove her like/dislike privileges expeditiously as well as grant mines...
  16. fonzie

    Lethal's Cooking Thread

    no i thought YOU said you was alright spider
  17. fonzie

    Lethal's Cooking Thread

    i am alright u aint alright u little fuckin prick!
  18. fonzie

    Minecraft [Server Manager Application] [Jokita] (Very Serious)

    -1 people should be considered based on merits not being lovable