1. lya

    TTT [Harassment Report] [Dominic]

    Defendant's In Game Name: 'delight' or 'Dominic'; Defendant's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:648918; Reason(s) why they should be banned/demoted: sexual harassment of a female minor; Witnesses who will attest to this: 'lya', 'Empty', 'cockgobbler', 'shmiggity shmuggity schmackity', 'DiddlePipps'...
  2. dominic

    TTT [Resignation] [Dominic]

    Hello friends, I have made this thread to talk about the state of Trouble in Terrorist Town. To put it short and simple counter-strike has been my favorite game since I was a child and I have countless memories with the friends ive made over the years playing. Although I may occasionally come...