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  1. blake_won @ blake_won:
    Is that yet another empty promise? We were promised Hanad, but we did not receive what we were promised. I have yet to lose hope. They say without the dark we wouldn't see the stars and Hanad, Hanad, she shines bright like the moon. The chronicles of an almond drinker episode 2? Conspiracy theories part 2?
  2. ws @ ws:
    i wanna make a leah vlogs thread
  3. ws @ ws:
    how do i make a thread
  4. ws @ ws:
  5. Tjay @ Tjay:
    that's all you @ws, ever since you join GG, it's been blessed with your memes :^)
  6. RaGeKiLlEr @ RaGeKiLlEr:
  7. RaGeKiLlEr @ RaGeKiLlEr:
    Ima log on later
  8. RaGeKiLlEr @ RaGeKiLlEr:
    I gave your proof @blake_won
  9. ws @ ws:
    farid ur one of the best people on this website
  10. Tjay @ Tjay:
    You can't spell quarantine without "U R A Q T"
  11. Fury @ Fury:
  12. elzar @ elzar:
    Hope the community is doing well this evening
  13. Crooked @ Crooked:
    these changes shouldve been made a long time ago
  14. Crazy @ Crazy:
    Just american problems i guess
  15. Crazy @ Crazy:
    Whats it like to go into poverty because you wanted a baby/broke a leg
  16. Tjay @ Tjay:
    act up u gon get clapped up @xay
  17. xay @ xay:
    fucking canucks
  18. Vindictive @ Vindictive:
    hey rage
  19. RaGeKiLlEr @ RaGeKiLlEr:
    Hey guys
  20. Zixler @ Zixler:
  21. T @ thruman:
    just a bunch of fucking canadians........
  22. franky @ franky:
    we have starwars
  23. Jules @ Jules:
    what is even girl gamers without games???
  24. T @ thruman:
    @Zixler you sure she's a teacher for dyslexics...and not schizophrenics?
  25. nick @ nick:
    hello @friend @dominic how are you on this fine day :)
  26. nick @ nick:
    we hate white people in this community
  27. elzar @ elzar:
  28. elzar @ elzar:
    Lol Zixler
  29. Fury @ Fury:
    Hello nigz
  30. Crooked @ Crooked:
    thats a thursday night for bogey
  31. Crazy @ Crazy:
    Sounds like the every day
  32. Zixler @ Zixler:
  33. Zixler @ Zixler:
    My host mom is a teacher for dyslexic kids, she told me a story in which a 2nd grader was planning to knock her down and rape her and when she gives a birth to a baby, he would kill her.
  34. xay @ xay:
    Texas is great for doing mexico shit #60rolls
  35. Fury @ Fury:
    @Crooked is now at the bar flexing his GG membership while drinking root beer
  36. Fury @ Fury:
    @Zixler, the summer is fuing hot
  37. Fury @ Fury:
  38. Jameson THE Savage @ Jameson THE Savage:
  39. Crazy @ Crazy:
    That's T-shirt/shorts weather
  40. Crazy @ Crazy:
    What does texas get down to like 59?
  41. Zixler @ Zixler:
    @blake_won while you are on it, might as well rebrand to canadiangam3rs
  42. Zixler @ Zixler:
    I already can't the cold in Texas
  43. Zixler @ Zixler:
    ...If it wasn't so cold
  44. Zixler @ Zixler:
    I'd love to go to Canada
  45. elzar @ elzar:
    I love Canadian people. I wish I were Canadian
  46. Alexa @ Alexa:
    In Canadian talk, we would say 03/29/2020!!!
  47. Crooked @ Crooked:
  48. Crazy @ Crazy:
    True story: Girlgam3rs has had a Canadian in power longer than any American
  49. nick @ nick:
    29/03/2020 day the canucks finally took over for good
  50. nick @ nick:


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