Canadian sniper (I was ct banned)

  1. Jameson THE Savage @ Jameson THE Savage:
    @Alexa I didn't go down to the bottom, but I'll definitely have to check it out more when the weather gets better. It's beautiful down there
  2. xay @ xay:
    I live in a river by elzar's van
  3. elzar @ elzar:
    I live in a van down by the river
  4. Alexa @ Alexa:
    @Jameson THE Savage oooh, down by secret beach! That's the best spot!!!
  5. Fury @ Fury:
    Everytime! Every fucking time fonzie tries to diss or be funny, you gotta roast him the perfect way possible!
  6. Fury @ Fury:
    Hahahahahahaha @Jameson THE Savage
  7. fonzie @ fonzie:
    thrust a glass shard into your fucking throat and twist it so you can experience excessive amounts of pain and then die
  8. xay @ xay:
    it is okay we dont accept pendejos in canuck-land
  9. fonzie @ fonzie:
    ill let you know when im looking for unexceptionals
  10. fonzie @ fonzie:
    canucks need not apply
  11. Pat Hiscock @ Pat Hiscock:
  12. Jameson THE Savage @ Jameson THE Savage:
    Looking for someone to teach you how?
  13. fonzie @ fonzie:
    send me a private message here if you think you fit the bill
  14. fonzie @ fonzie:
    i am looking for exceptional humans
  15. Jameson THE Savage @ Jameson THE Savage:
    @Alexa I went jogging along the boardwalk. Ended up at the water plant
  16. Alexa @ Alexa:
    @Jameson THE Savage What you doing down there?!
  17. Pat Hiscock @ Pat Hiscock:
    @Foo your dad hits diff but you don't see me complaining
  18. ws @ ws:
    tfw no one plays stardew valley with u
  19. Crooked @ Crooked:
  20. T @ thruman:
    do you happen to use discord?
  21. T @ thruman:
    @Foo take this W nig
  22. Foo @ Foo:
    ur mom hits diff
  23. Pat Hiscock @ Pat Hiscock:
    K rose hits differently
  24. T @ thruman:
    lmfao @xay
  25. xay @ xay:
    Highways must be nice to do mexico shit
  26. Jameson THE Savage @ Jameson THE Savage:
    Rode the wave - hypothermia
  27. T @ thruman:
    @Jameson THE Savage ride the wave my friend...ride the wave.
  28. T @ thruman:
    or just delete page 4.
  29. Crooked @ Crooked:
    nothing like a big fat doink amirite, now we just need some TTT to go with it
  30. Jameson THE Savage @ Jameson THE Savage:
    Smokin joints on the boardwalk at sunset. This shit is nice
  31. Crooked @ Crooked:
    please delete the "amusing videos" thread.... please....
  32. caitlynn_ @ caitlynn_:
    i hope u all have had a wonderful day
  33. caitlynn_ @ caitlynn_:
    hi guys!
  34. elzar @ elzar:
    He turned into a pickle. funniest shit ive ever seen
  35. franky @ franky:
    gg isn't stressful
  36. Crazy @ Crazy:
    911 operator is much less stressful than GG
  37. Fury @ Fury:
    Its always fun to see that
  38. Fury @ Fury:
    Hahahaha fonzie rejected
  39. T @ thruman:
    how many games have you played you no life fuck? holy shit....
  40. ws @ ws:
    no tyler i havent
  41. Crooked @ Crooked:
    have you tried copy-pasting
  42. Crooked @ Crooked:
    embed it
  43. ws @ ws:
    why can i not post screenshots in shoutbox
  44. ws @ ws:
  45. ws @ ws:
  46. blake_won @ blake_won:
  47. ws @ ws:
  48. ws @ ws:
    does anyone wanna play stardew valley
  49. blake_won @ blake_won:
    One high BMI guy to rule them all.
  50. blake_won @ blake_won:
    Mergern'tn't, players coming back. You know where I'm going with this. It sure seems more fun than playing 911 operator.
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So on December 4Th 3:21pm I hop on the jb on counter strike to have some fun pudding and 5 other people are on but they were afk except pudding me and another person so i accidentally pressed b and when i tried to quit the menu i pressed two because i thought zero was there (I know very smart of me) but when i pressed it a message showed up that I was ct banned so I told pudding that i was ct banned and that it was a perma banned at first the thought i was joking but than i told him what the message said actually so he looked at the people ct banned and couldn't find my name (Canadian sniper) and than i saw on text that some person named Lord of cheeseburgers was unbanned so at first i thought he misclicked on someone but than I thought hmmm if that person got unbanned conveniently after i told him the error message maybe that was actually me so i checked and it actually was me and i was able to play on ct. Now I do not know how this name was linked to me and i am thinking that my son was on here and was breaking the rules because i don't remember ever having that name so i told him maybe it was my son and this is a mistake but he told me he couldn't have me stayed banned so Jesse and the person who banned me would think wrong and i understand this so he ct banned me again and he told me the message for when i was banned was the link to this site so i now am trying to approve my ct ban because i recently ordered a microphone and was planning on being warden. I would understand if you kept me banned because this seems really suspicious and I will talk to my son about this but I hope we could make an agreement.


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Mexico City, Syria
Yeah, not sure exactly why he was actually banned as the reason for it was the website link (The Game) and I fully believe that it was his son as I have played with candian before and have not known him to be someone to break rules. I +1 the ban with the understanding you will monitor your sons play better while he's in our server as he had to of done something in order for this happen.


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+1, I see no harm in giving you another chance as long as you can make sure your son wouldn't do whatever it was that got him banned in the first place.


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Mexico City, Syria
bump word requirement


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Yeah I see Canadian Sniper all the time and he doesn't break rules or even troll. Must be some kind of a misunderstanding, but I don't see a reason not to give you another chance.


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what's your steamID?


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unbanned nigga
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