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  1. dominic @ dominic:
    @fonzie you have been removed from the populator club due to your ignance
  2. xay @ xay:
    hit you hard
  3. T @ thruman:
    jb is hitting right now
  4. fonzie @ fonzie:
    that sounds like a problem of the personal variety
  5. elzar @ elzar:
    Monday :confused:
  6. T @ thruman:
  7. T @ thruman:
    Saturday at 5:13 PM "Bet the next pussy to bump a old thread will regret it" - @Crazy
  8. T @ thruman:
    so you're basically wishing death upon him....
  9. franky @ franky:
    how dare you
  10. Crazy @ Crazy:
    @franky, i hope you run out of booze one day and are forced to go a full week sober
  11. franky @ franky:
  12. dominic @ dominic:
    havent found any without shit stains though
  13. dominic @ dominic:
    im just looking for one of those kids strollers mexican mothers push their children in for my dog
  14. franky @ franky:
  15. franky @ franky:
    same old same old
  16. dominic @ dominic:
    hi franky how you feelin
  17. franky @ franky:
    @thruman there u go
  18. T @ thruman:
    Let's get nostalgic for a minute. Someone bump an old thread. No balls.
  19. T @ thruman:
  20. Vindictive @ Vindictive:
    nvm go away fonzie, I summon @blake_won
  21. Farid @ Farid:
    i s s a - j o k e
  22. fonzie @ fonzie:
    Hey cum guzzler
  23. Vindictive @ Vindictive:
    @Farid everything i said went over your head but its w/e sarcasm doesn't translate well online unless you're speaking to individuals with mutual intelligence, @fonzie where are you?
  24. franky @ franky:
    the only l you deserve is leukemia
  25. Farid @ Farid:
    took two Ls in finals sike nigga i did ight
  26. Farid @ Farid:
    carts in tmp 📲 40 a pop
  27. Farid @ Farid:
    Issa knife 🔪 Isaa joke
  28. T @ thruman:
    @Farid how you gonna come at my boy vinny like that. RIP juice...but you can’t call him an idiot for not knowing the context. Hell, ya had me confused. Lotta niggas on here ain’t see any love in years. Well mutually I guess.
  29. T @ thruman:
    @Vindictive for co-co owner when?
  30. Farid @ Farid:
    @Vindictive maybe try copying the whole sentence and pasting it into google? Might say JUICE WRLD - All girls the same.
  31. Pat Hiscock @ Pat Hiscock:
    @Lethal workout lifestyle when?
  32. Vindictive @ Vindictive:
    You are so smart I hope I can be like you Farid :cry:
  33. Vindictive @ Vindictive:
    Wow really I had no idea especially since you randomly said that without any context thanks for enlightening me
  34. Farid @ Farid:
    its from a song idiot OTR will know
  35. Vindictive @ Vindictive:
    No love will ever be as real as the love your momma has for you
  36. Farid @ Farid:
    I just want real love, guess it's been a minute
  37. #Farid4Vet @ #Farid4Vet:
    I'm a jealous boy, really feel like John Lennon :cry:
  38. Farid @ Farid:
    yeah and other things w dat
  39. Crooked @ Crooked:
    oh wait....
  40. Crooked @ Crooked:
    What about the custom skins?
  41. Farid @ Farid:
    there are better things to add for vip rather than “oh ur vip? ill tax less” where there shouldnt be a fucking taxing for ingame currency
  42. Farid @ Farid:
    @Crazy ill remove that gat transfer fee like it or not
  43. Pat Hiscock @ Pat Hiscock:
    OK boomer
  44. Crooked @ Crooked:
    Me and @dominic continue our undefeated streak as a Paintball Duo
  45. Pat Hiscock @ Pat Hiscock:
    OK boomer
  46. a wild noob. @ a wild noob.:
    Monica needs Admin of the month award.
  47. Pat Hiscock @ Pat Hiscock:
    I am confuseseses
  48. Pat Hiscock @ Pat Hiscock:
    Rebel Pls explain the meme
  49. Vindictive @ Vindictive:
    guess its time to join one of those non steam mexican communites where people actually play. look what you did to me
  50. T @ thruman:
    them files would be gonzoooooooooooooooo


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Tommorrow, Sunday, 8/11/19, at 7:00 PM EST/4:00 PM PST, the GirlGam3rs Minecraft server will officially be released. This server features a Factions plugin, and a Skyblock plugin.

VIP Benefits:
If you are a Premium GirlGam3r (VIP), you will recieve the following benefits:
  • $10,000​
  • VIP Tag​
  • Access to special VIP Kit​
  • Increased Factions Member limit​
  • +3 Power limit for Factions​
  • 10,000 Crystals (Skyblock)​
Factions is essentially vanilla Minecraft, but more organized. You have the option to create Factions, which you and up to 7 (9 if VIP) friends can join. Your lands are protected from non-faction members, but you can be raided. The limit to which your lands can be controlled is your power, which dictates how much land you can claim. On death, you lose power, which will shrink your control over your land.

To get started with this plugin, just go to the "Warp to Wild" sign and use the Random Teleport. You will be teleported to a random place, where you can explore, and eventually settle down. To create a faction, simply type /f create. You will be prompted to give a name and a description. You can have up to 8 members in your faction, increased to 10 if you are a VIP member. From there, you may say /f help in chat to see an extended help list.

The factions world will be reset every 3-4 weeks, or by popular demand.

Skyblock is a very simple plugin, in which you must start on a small island, and work from there. You start with a tree, some land, and a chest. In the chest will be important items, including Ice and a Lava Bucket. The most important thing to do as soon as you create your island is to make a cobblestone generator. You can see how to do that here. Using your generator, you can increase the size of your island by building on it, and creating generators, such as Cactus Farms, and Mob Generators.

To get started with Skyblock, simply type /is create, and you will be teleported to your island! If you want to play with a friend, type /is invite <name>, and as long as your friend does not already have an island (they can delete theirs with /is delete), they can join your island by typing /is join. Afterwards, for more information, you may type /is help to see more help on the plugin. Crystals can be earned by completing missions, and can be used to expand/upgrade your island.

Please leave a reply if you plan to join on the release of the server. Happy crafting!
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Very cool Nova, cant wait to drop off the battle bus with you in minecraft!


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Crazy’s Belleh
For about the past month, I’ve been testing the server along with @nova. I have seen every stage of development, and I can tell you, the final product is astonishing.
@nova has put in so much work, and it definitely payed off.
I hope to see everyone tomorrow, as I will be in the server!

See ya there!


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I'm off tomorrow, but please remind me to get on.


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Release pushed to 7pm EST/4pm PST. I am not available right now due to events out of my control, and I feel that this is a more convenient time anyways, especially for people on the West Coast.
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