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  1. T @ thruman:
    sup bro?
  2. fonzie @ fonzie:
    allied-gaming is a joke
  3. fonzie @ fonzie:
  4. T @ thruman:
  5. blake_won @ blake_won:
  6. Rebellious @ Rebellious:
  7. Rebellious @ Rebellious:
    join for longestname!
  8. blake_won @ blake_won:
    Join for a nice surprise.
  9. Crooked @ Crooked:
    I -1 moving '+1's" this has been done forever and its big gay
  10. nova @ nova:
  11. Tangy #4Vet @ Tangy #4Vet:
    giving me dumbass warnings like, i added nothing to the discussion stfu with your power hungry faggot ass
  12. Tangy #4Vet @ Tangy #4Vet:
    stop telling me what to do on my posts
  13. Rebellious @ Rebellious:
    you aint never had a friend like me
  14. Rebellious @ Rebellious:
    Mr Aladin sir, what may your pleasure be?
  15. Rebellious @ Rebellious:
    actually, it was just called York, never old york
  16. Zeus @ Zeus:
    Would you finally shut the fuck up you dumb Old York kid???
  17. Rebellious @ Rebellious:
    Mr. Aladin sir how bout a bit more balkava
  18. Zeus @ Zeus:
    Cause you aint got any equivalent inreal life
  19. Zeus @ Zeus:
    Thats what i thought, you care so much bout your reaction score
  20. Rebellious @ Rebellious:
    as if i did anything to him
  21. Zeus @ Zeus:
    What a fucking dumbass
  22. Zeus @ Zeus:
    hahaha fonzie you suck so much DICKS
  23. Rebellious @ Rebellious:
    damn zeus actually dislike abusing now
  24. nova @ nova:
    this will crash and burn
  25. blake_won @ blake_won:
  26. elzar @ elzar:
    I said great suggestions
  27. T @ thruman:
    This might be the only time I agree with the saying "kill one to save many." :whistle::coffee:
  28. farid_won @ farid_won:
  29. farid_won @ farid_won:
    i am blind.exe 0/30
  30. farid_won @ farid_won:
    ik i though u moved my post
  31. blake_won @ blake_won:
    All these posts? Two posts were trashed, both of them were just saying +1.
  32. farid_won @ farid_won:
    no u
  33. farid_won @ farid_won:
    wait nvm im stoopid dumb fuck
  34. farid_won @ farid_won:
    moving all these posts when some has a value in them.
  35. farid_won @ farid_won:
    lol blake is a guardian angel
  36. T @ thruman:
    It's nice to see some initiative being taken around here for abuse. Especially in favor of the person who started all this abuse to begin with. You love to see it (y)
  37. blake_won @ blake_won:
    As with the two comments before it, it offered nothing to the discussion. Use likes instead of posting +1. One user was warned, and the other posts were trashed.
  38. elzar @ elzar:
    Why the FUCK was my comment moved the the trash?
  39. V @ Vindictive:
    Bogey got destroyed guy can't actually rap oml
  40. juampichedelic @ juampichedelic:
  41. fonzie @ fonzie:
    kydex vs bogey rap battle coming soon to a boombox near u
  42. Rebellious @ Rebellious:
  43. Rebellious @ Rebellious:
    3 cts all mfking
  44. Rebellious @ Rebellious:
    like now
  45. Rebellious @ Rebellious:
    we need an admin on jb pls
  46. Rebellious @ Rebellious:
    lol tempo is hacking in jb
  47. V @ Vindictive:
  48. V @ Vindictive:
    Job poppin
  49. Rebellious @ Rebellious:
    jb poppin
  50. Tangy #4Vet @ Tangy #4Vet:
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