[JailBreak] Should team killing be allowed?

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Should team killing be allowed on JB?

  • Yes

    Votes: 5 55.6%
  • No

    Votes: 4 44.4%

  • Total voters
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I personally think TKing should be allowed. Its not only funny but the Ts main objective is to get LR and killing off your competition is one way to go about it. Lol

The Game

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I think the only team-killing we should allow is from a moving object (snowmobile, car, etc). I don't think it's cool if a prisoner jumps up near the buttons on snow and starts spamming the true and false buttons.


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Actually it's much fun to allow team-killing in any purpose even spamming t/f
cause actually t's not suppose to be on that controlling area ;)


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The Agency
+1 for this, the only restriction i would have is for the FREEDAY GUY to not be allowed teamkilling as that would be quite unfair. Getting LR is a big part of being a terrorist and just like wiggles said; killing your team increases your chances of doing that.


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I agree that any type of teamkilling should be allowed with the exception of freeday guy. As most of you said, getting LR is the objective for a prisoner and if it means killing your teammates, by all means, go for it. Although we can allow it through rules, teamkilling should be called a rebellious action so you can be killed by the CT for teamkilling and denied LR. As a side note though, I think it's also the CTs job to call a certain way to avoid those accidental teamkills and prevent intentional ones by shooting before it happens.
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i think it should be allowed. itd not the t's fault he was able to push the button that killed the rest of his teammates, but the ct's fault for not controlling the situation. the objective is to be the last one left alive to win lr. i dont see a problem if 1 t was able to use cage buttons and kill the rest.


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Pacific Northwest
its lame when ppl tk with cage buttons, outside of the cage its funny as hell, but when the guards are trying to gather the prisoners and say 10 of them obey the command and 1 rebeller ruins 6 of the players game play.. make them wait etc...

after being gathered and taken to a race, say on jb_snow, with snowmobiles, its super funny to watch prisoners run each other over.

id say if u TK with cars/wipeout/anything other then the cage, it should be considered rebelling and the guards are allowed to kill the person running everyone over (if this is already a rule, I need to brush up on my GG rules)

anyhow just my 2.

Dr. Jerry

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-1 to allow teamkilling. Like others said a T spamming the 123 or T/F buttons near the cage is an easy way to ruin days. I think MTK should result in a ban of some kind after maybe one warning.

If a T does TK with a snowmobile, wipeout, etc. he should be considered rebelling and it's up to the CTs to kill him but I still think there should be some kind of rule in place to discourage Ts from trying this.

I agree that it is the CTs responsibility to call days in a way to avoid allowing the Ts to TK but the way some maps are set up can make this difficult in certain situations. For example imagine the warden orders the Ts to do a race with cars and there are two rows of cars. The Ts in the front row are at an obvious disadvantage of getting TKed by their fellow Ts behind them. This could also cause delays in days because everyone wants to get on the cars in the back row to avoid getting TKed.

Team killing can be mildly amusing at times but it takes away from the competitive aspect of JB and is unfair to the Ts. If it happens accidentally I don't think the T should be punished but intentional team killing should result in some sort of punishment.


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The buttons are usually on top of the cage or way off from where the Ts are supposed to be which I think is more than enough room for CTs to catch the people who are clearly not following the command and shoot them before they reach that control panel. The T/F button TK rarely happens and when it does I usually stay alive because I watch my surroundings and if I see a teammate running to those buttons I step outside the cage or block the cage door so I can have a quick escape. The other day blake_won used both T/F buttons on a Freeday and I stayed alive because the first button didn't hit me by chance but I ran over to the 2nd half because I knew he was gonna hit the 2nd button next. And the teamkilled players don't usually have to wait long as the day is already out of control if someone manages to get to those buttons, so I don't think it's a big deal if you die to your teammates. As I said in my last post, rebelling status should be the extent of a Ts punishment if they teamkill. Banning someone cause they wanted to be funny or just kill someone they didn't like is a bit ridiculous.


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The issue with teamkilling in this game is that the line between what is wrong and right is always challenged or blurred so people can loophole and find different ways around a rule. I personally believe button pressing should only be allowed if there are X amount of T's teamkilled that day.
For example, if I'm 1 of 3 remaining terrorists and a CT tells me to follow him/her in a line, if I manage to run up a ladder and activate a button to eliminate my "competition" for lr, then it is the CT's fault for allowing the situation to occur.However, when it is a blatant disregard for rules and there are like (for example: more than 4) T's killed in a 123 or T/F game, that player needs to know not to get carried away.
That being said, Freeday guys should 100% be prohibited to interfere with a CT's day, until their fd is over , throughout the entire round. There's no challenge/ fun in a fd guy just TKing T's because the guy has a freeday, and should be spending it either secretly rebelling or maybe practicing deathrun/surf That's what freedays were originally used for by me back when I played on T more often
I just think that if we set ground rules that are specific and not prone to loopholes or misunderstanding, it would be easier to find a balance for both the people who want and dont want this to be allowed.

So maybe we can meet each other in the middle, say that if a player teamkills more than 3 T's during a day, they receive slays, or maybe a temp-ban for 30 minutes/1 hour/etc, just to discourage people from constantly trying to troll and cause drama for no reason.

In the end, we're all prisoners, we're meant to be ruthless killers fighting for the same thing; to kill every CT remaining or become the winner of LR. I think teamkilling can be funny as fuck at times and everyone needs to remember it's probably not going to happen as often as you really think.
anyways +1 thats just my opinion lol


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Mexico City, Syria
I voted no on the poll but I agree with the certain situations, however theres no need for someone to deliberately teamkill almost the entire team just because they want to be an asshole and troll. For example the situation earlier with Rap-T who had received multiple warnings for tking and has already been ct banned for mfking, he deserved to be banned because he comes in our server to purposely ruin the game for our players. With that being said though I still do agree with tking in the circumstances listed above.


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I agree with Jesse. Punish free day people who team kill (not during a global free day), but otherwise it should be fair game because you're technically playing against each other to be the last man standing.
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i agree that fd should automatically be banned from being near the buttons, but i disagree on being banned for tk,


there 4 t's left in cage 1 ct' plus my freeday.

ct goes to get a snowmobile for a fun activity i use buttons in cage and kill the rest of the t to get lr while the ct was away. as he didnt personally see i was not rebelling and thus entitled to lr.

but it really is based on the situation, i mean if the same person is trying to do it every round and is being very blatant about it then yes i think some type of warning/punishment is in order but for the random out of the blue tk i dont see anything wrong.


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This "rule" shouldn't apply to every single person equally. For example, a player Rap-T always comes in the server to start shit with regular players that are chill and all he does is talk shit and try to ruin the fun for everyone. When he goes and mass teamkills, he obviously deserves a punishment of some sort. But if a regular player that has no problems following the rules majority of the time goes up and kills half of the team, I don't see why he needs to be treated the same way as someone who's a nuisance to everyone in the server. Context matters guis.


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Context does matter, but just going up to a bunch of T's in the cage and killing them kind of ruins the day. Fuck that shit. Should a player be automatically banned for that? No, but they should get a warning. If they do it again, then yeah let's throw out a ban.

TK'ing is funny on special days when there isn't really an objective/reward at the end of the day. When LR is involved, or when an actual day is being called out, TKing can get in the way of an enjoyable experience and at the end of the day is just annoying as shit. When I'm CT, I hate it because I'm trying to call a day. When I'm T, I hate it because I'm trying to fucking play. Regardless of whether or not LR is the main objective, if there's a constant amount of TKing going on, the experience becomes shitty for those getting killed for some stupid shit. It's an easy way to get people heated and an easy way to depopulate the server.



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Here's what we're going to do.
TKing will be restricted to Prisoners WITHOUT a freeday (exception: unrestricted freedays/mfk/etc)
HOWEVER, this will be limited to no more than 3 people teamkilled in a single round. If you TK more prisoners than this you will be slain at the start of the next cage day. This is to prevent mass tking but still allowing for some funny stuff to occur if the CT's aren't paying attention.
Freedays will NEVER have the option to freekill (until their fd is over) , considering there is no fun/challenge in doing so when you are immune to CT's stopping you. If a Freeday is seen doing so they will be temporarily banned from the server.
Rules will be modified accordingly
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