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  1. Zixler @ Zixler:
  2. Zixler @ Zixler:
    [angel twinz] lya : where did blake go -.-
  3. Tater @ Tater:
    Can you do draft?
  4. S @ SCARFACE:
    @Crazy I got the flash and the teleport in the new account :D
  5. S @ SCARFACE:
  6. V @ Vex:
    super duper admin on his way
  7. S @ SCARFACE:
    Can we get an admin in Jailbreak please?
  8. Crazy @ Crazy:
    Should be changed now
  9. lya @ lya:
  10. S @ SCARFACE:
    Someone needs to change the current map in Jailbreak no one can join it.
  11. fonzie @ fonzie:
    get your mind right schlep
  12. Nomer3 @ Nomer3:
    Okey ? :walter:
  13. fonzie @ fonzie:
    every single one of my admins is better than you by a LOT.. so what you talkin bout willis?
  14. J @ Jonathann:
    Lmao at these reports for disliking. If only they cared this hard about their jb staff and setting a standard maybe we’d actually have some good admins. 🤧
  15. fonzie @ fonzie:
    everythings gonna be ok
  16. elzar @ elzar:
    its ok
  17. dominic @ dominic:
    Sorry @elzar
  18. Alexa @ Alexa:
    > big fat cry babies that care about their reaction score
  19. fonzie @ fonzie:
    The jews peter...
  20. Alexa @ Alexa:
    @Rebellious one step closer to doxxing you
  21. fonzie @ fonzie:
  22. MachOMan @ MachOMan:
    I hope that wasn't a joke to dig yourself a deeper grave. :oops:
  23. MachOMan @ MachOMan:
    Why have formula when you can ride the highs of escorts, cocaine, and blackjack?
  24. fonzie @ fonzie:
    Im something of a scientist myself :geek:
  25. fonzie @ fonzie:
    He should go back to formula
  26. MachOMan @ MachOMan:
    I'm a poonther-lover. What can I say? Such a sweet boy. Has a horrible gambling problem at such a young age though. I fear for him.
  27. fonzie @ fonzie:
    Out of your poonther-loving mind!
  28. MachOMan @ MachOMan:
  29. fonzie @ fonzie:
    Its you whos out gobby!
  30. MachOMan @ MachOMan:
    How horribly cruel.
  31. MachOMan @ MachOMan:
    You know we're separated.
  32. fonzie @ fonzie:
    Nice outfit, did your husband gift it to you?
  33. MachOMan @ MachOMan:
    There is corruption in your ranks.
  34. MachOMan @ MachOMan:
    Any post one of them dislikes, the others follow suit immediately. We should do an investigation. @elzar
  35. MachOMan @ MachOMan:
    @Poonther Fighting the fight.
  36. elzar @ elzar:
    Friday comes and I’m happy then Sunday night I am sad
  37. fonzie @ fonzie:
  38. elzar @ elzar:
    It's monday tomorrow :cry:
  39. J @ jokita:
  40. Tater @ Tater:
    Aww that would be cute!!!
  41. J @ jokita:
  42. J @ jokita:
    if i was developer i would make the "wow" anime sound effect when lya/aly join the server
  43. fonzie @ fonzie:
  44. fonzie @ fonzie:
    @blake_won he didnt even listen to the songs he disliked! and neither did u! what is this nonsense!
  45. J @ jokita:
    @blake_won playboy hat when?
  46. fonzie @ fonzie:
    kings dont need advice from little horn-bills for a start!
  47. elzar @ elzar:
    Coney island niggas only
  48. Rebellious @ Rebellious:
    Coney Island nigga
  49. Rebellious @ Rebellious:
    I live in some ghetto ass Brooklyn neighborhood where they eat hot dogs every July
  50. MrWiggles @ MrWiggles:
    @Rebellious thats what you get living in the heights you filthy dominican
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