Report for zamgame26 for CT ban

  1. Pat Hiscock @ Pat Hiscock:
    quite populated.
  2. Pat Hiscock @ Pat Hiscock:
    they gain about 20-25 people per day
  3. Pat Hiscock @ Pat Hiscock:
    they're just hidden
  4. Pat Hiscock @ Pat Hiscock:
    the servers are active wym
  5. fonzie @ fonzie:
  6. ws @ ws:
    @Crooked UNBLOCK ME
  7. Zixler @ Zixler:
  8. Zixler @ Zixler:
    why do we have SMs when we don't have a server?
  9. Crooked @ Crooked:
    thats the kind of stuff I want my finance mentor posting on a forum called girlgam3rs.
  10. Crooked @ Crooked:
    Would've πŸ‘ been πŸ‘ the πŸ‘ strongest πŸ‘ character πŸ‘ but πŸ‘ a πŸ‘ shonen πŸ‘ has πŸ‘ no πŸ‘ need πŸ‘ for πŸ‘ a πŸ‘ sense πŸ‘ of πŸ‘ time. πŸ‘ Kakuzu πŸ‘ has πŸ‘ lived πŸ‘ over πŸ‘ a πŸ‘ hundred πŸ‘ years πŸ‘ and πŸ‘ should πŸ‘ posses πŸ‘ jutsu πŸ‘ beyond πŸ‘ Kamui πŸ‘ and πŸ‘ Kirin πŸ‘ in πŸ‘ the πŸ‘ realms πŸ‘ of πŸ‘ teleportation πŸ‘ and πŸ‘ AoE πŸ‘ destruction. πŸ‘ There πŸ‘ is πŸ‘ nobody πŸ‘ who πŸ‘ can πŸ‘ surpass πŸ‘ Kakuzu πŸ‘ as πŸ‘ a πŸ‘ ninja, πŸ‘ but πŸ‘ the πŸ‘ Naruto πŸ‘ series πŸ‘ would πŸ‘ have πŸ‘ you πŸ‘ believing πŸ‘ a πŸ‘ main
  11. Fury @ Fury:
    NVM someone reached it, a perfect asshole
  12. Fury @ Fury:
    Β« a Β» prob sorry
  13. Fury @ Fury:
    While the first on esrth probably did not reach 2500
  14. Fury @ Fury:
    Hahahaha they reslly put 5000 levels on steam
  15. nick @ nick:
    lookin at the steam library blasting On Sight
  16. elzar @ elzar:
    Good Evening
  17. Vindictive @ Vindictive:
    Types kill in console
  18. Vindictive @ Vindictive:
    Plot twist pichi IS the Mexican ttt admin
  19. pichi @ pichi:
    ive been rdming mexican ttt admins since i meet 1.6 TTT
  20. Jameson THE Savage @ Jameson THE Savage:
    @pichi challenge accepted
  21. pichi @ pichi:
    @Jameson THE Savage, sure, lets see who can rdm more without getting banned
  22. Crooked @ Crooked:
  23. elzar @ elzar:
    Good afternoon
  24. Jameson THE Savage @ Jameson THE Savage:
    @pichi we'll see if I know how to t-bait or rdm when/if the server comes back up. I got a special bullet just for you
  25. Jameson THE Savage @ Jameson THE Savage:
    @xay yup that's the one lol. @OMGClayAiken lol they always call me gringo too. Sometimes I'll purposely just rdm for the hell of it
  26. fonzie @ fonzie:
    i tried to learn the game but the only thing i found incredible, everything i tried to learn see i already knew
  27. pichi @ pichi:
    your going to die a lot till you get some good materials
  28. Pat Hiscock @ Pat Hiscock:
    @ws that was golden
  29. franky @ franky:
    @ws that was fuken brilliant
  30. Pat Hiscock @ Pat Hiscock:
    to not die every 5 hits
  31. Pat Hiscock @ Pat Hiscock:
    where shud i go
  32. pichi @ pichi:
  33. Pat Hiscock @ Pat Hiscock:
    and i have a feeling of punching down a kid with hammer dealing 7 damage every hit
  34. Pat Hiscock @ Pat Hiscock:
    50 damage epic
  35. Pat Hiscock @ Pat Hiscock:
    and the only good thing i have is my YOYO
  36. Pat Hiscock @ Pat Hiscock:
    Pichi i unlocked hard mode
  37. pichi @ pichi:
    @Jameson THE Savage, The problem here is, that you dont know how to t-bait and RDM in your defence, you just play the pussy way
  38. Vindictive @ Vindictive:
    I’m on it coach. But first I need to register to vote
  39. Zixler @ Zixler:
    Go vote for Bernie Sanders guys
  40. Pat Hiscock @ Pat Hiscock:
    But I made a new world with a bit ass house @pichi
  41. Pat Hiscock @ Pat Hiscock:
    Wanted to do normal so I could understand the game and lose any shit
  42. Pat Hiscock @ Pat Hiscock:
    We can do expert mode I finished hard mode in normal
  43. Crazy @ Crazy:
    That's what they call fonzie
  44. Crazy @ Crazy:
    You shouldnt
  45. O @ OMGClayAiken:
    @Jameson THE Savage the spanish TTT is my jam they call me their numero uno gringo. I feel so honored
  46. Fury @ Fury:
  47. Fury @ Fury:
  48. ws @ ws:
    how did u know..
  49. Fury @ Fury:
    then it cuts
  50. Fury @ Fury:
    when fonzie finally gets a video call with her, she says like her camera is broke, but for like 0.001 second, you see a black dude in a cyber cafe
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Who are you reporting?: zamgame26

What is their STEAM-ID?: STEAM_0:0:175650801

Reason for report (give details): I'm only making a report now because I'm tired of zam free killing. I can deal up with certain things up to a point, but I really can't take it anymore. Zam free kills too many times and he doesn't give out free days unless its to people he likes or unless an admin/mod is on and see's it happening and tells him to glow that person.

This isn't the first time that I've been free killed by zamgame26, but this time, he started a new command on bananamuffin and so I stopped following his command and started to run towards him. He stopped on his current command because there were other Terrorists rebelling behind me, so I just keep walking to him until I reach him. I never hit him, i didn't do anything he said not to because he never finished his command. I tell him to revive me after everything was settled down, but he refused to saying how I left his blue circle from his previous command, so I told him that he started a new command. Then he goes on to say that I was detouring and that he finished counting already, so that's why he killed me. He never even completely finished his command, so I don't know how that is possible. He keeps on changing his story till he finds a story that he finds is okay, it doesn't match with what he's previously said and he refuses to give me a free day. This is an example of only ONE time time that something like this has happened. This happens very often and I haven't made a report before because I didn't take the time to learn how to use HLTV, but I'm really frustrated now and I hope something can be done about it.

Approx. Time of incident: This happened at around 2:30 - 3:10 pm CST.

Any HLTV links, images, or other evidence:
I think the time stamp should be around 46:00 to around 47:00, 48:00

You can argue that zam's only a child, but this game isn't for children. I'm not saying that I personally never played games that I wasn't supposed to, but for him to be playing this game as a CT with the power that comes with it and not understand the rules, or own up to his own actions is what makes me really mad. I treat most people the same when I first meet them, unless they continuously give me a reason not to. Zam has given me multiple reasons not to like him, and I'm not going to act like I like him just because he's younger than the majority of the people that play on this server.


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+1 watched the demo sick and tired of zam lying. I was there and only heard part of his lies like "You stabbed me" lmfao. Starts a command halfway through stops in order to kill racecar. Doesn't call no delays or detours and doesn't count down. Says it's not a freekill.
I forgot what was going on a little maybe before or after, but woosh was also called out zam as he did something that was not allowed, but no one let me in on it so I wasn't sure.
Zam has been a bad boy he needs to be put in the timeout corner


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+1 I watched the demo Zam did indeed freekill


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a faggot man once said :
Listen here kids stop +1 and -1ing peoples reports this isn't a fucking staff application or suggestion I don't get why people do that


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Alright I reviewe it as admit it I did fk at the time I said no detours no delays an counted down but I must not have have been holding my mic down and I'm sorry but this is the first time I have free killed him in like weeks, the last time he was freekilled by me was like 2-3 weeks ago so I don't why he's saying "I'm sick of it"
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zamgame26 said:
Alright I reviewe it as admit it I did fk at the time I said no detours no delays an counted down but I must not have have been holding my mic down and I'm sorry but this is the first time I have free killed him in like weeks, the last time he was freekilled by me was like 2-3 weeks ago so I don't why he's saying "I'm sick of it"
I'm saying "I'm sick of it" because this isn't the first time time you've done this in "weeks". This is the first time you admit free killing me in weeks, sure. The last time you gave me a free day for free killing was when an admin saw it, like I posted. You also said this is the first time that you've free killed me in weeks, which doesn't mean that you haven't free killed others. This post is to try to get you off of CT because you in fact DO free kill and in fact DON'T own up to them unless forced to by admin/mods.


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Mate I DO NOT FK I did it like once to you and Kev was freekilled one day but he knew it was an honest mistake and I gave him FD and it was fine and that's the only other time I've fk'end in 2-3weeks TWICE and everybody fk'a once or twice every once in a while it's no reason for a perm ban
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Everytime you do free kill, you NEVER own up to it, unless an admin/mod sees it and tells you to glow, like Kev. I have proof on the post that shows that you do free kill and don't own up to it. I don't know what else to tell you, but you do free kill and you don't give out free days when due.


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Hey Zamgames, there have been about 398412 reports against you freekilling in the last 2 weeks. How about you try playing on T and pay attention to what you're supposed to do on CT?

CT banned for 5 days.
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